Vocational Case Management


When an individual has sustained a devastating injury that prevents him/her from returning to gainful employment, it becomes necessary to explore other options within their residual physical abilities, educational level, and prior work history. Vocational case management is the necessary component for a successful case resolution.

Vocational services can also assist the employer to identify the essential functions of the job to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide guidance and expertise on reasonable accommodation. Compliance with this Act affects almost all employers in the country. Case managers, experienced in the field of vocational rehabilitation and job analysis, can assist insurers and employers in complying with the law.

Vocational Case Management services have proven to be cost effective and successful in returning individuals to productive and gainful lifestyles. Now the same services can assist in issues of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

AFG , Inc. offers the following vocational services:

  1. Vocational Assessments
  2. Transferable Skills Analysis
  3. Job Analysis
  4. Job-Seeking Skills instruction
  5. Resume Preparation
  6. Labor Market Surveys
  7. Job Placement
  8. Expert Vocational Testimony
  9. ADA Consulting
  10. Administration and evaluation to determine academic achievement, aptitudes (i.e. manual dexterity, mechanical reasoning, clerical, etc.) interests, intelligence, and work temperaments.