Life Care Staff


Co-owner, Donna Flannery, holds national certification as a Life Care Planner, and has been instrumental in the legal community's recognition of Life Care Associates as a leader in the state of New Jersey. Life Care Associates provides services to some of the most recognized legal firms specializing in Personal Injury, Liability, and Medical Malpractice litigation. She also oversees the Medical Case Management Services. In addition to her dedication to the field of Life Care Planning, she has handled Wrongful Death cases and educated juries about the economic relevance of a 'Loss of A Caregiver' to the surviving Parents in the Wrongful Death of a Child. She has been qualified in courts in New Jersey and New York as an Expert in the field of Life Care Planning and as a Vocational Employability Expert providing opinions and testimony on matters of employability in liability, workers compensation, matrimonial, and for the National Labor Relations Board.

Vocational Experts/Vocational Case Managers:

All Vocational Experts hold degrees in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling or Psychology at the Masters Level and hold national certifications and licenses in vocational rehabilitation. Vocational staff members have been trained and qualified in Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Life Care Planners:

The Life Care Planners at Life Care Associates are nationally certified and trained in the field of Life Care Planning and are skilled professionals with educational backgrounds and qualifications in areas of:

  1. Vocational rehabilitation/disability case management
  2. Fields of nursing via avenues of medical case management, clinical nursing, and/or home care nursing