Employability / Earning Capacity Assessments


The Vocational Experts are qualified to assess vocational employability and capacity to earn in the labor market in cases following physical/emotional injury, illness, or trauma.

Employability/Earning Capacity Assessments apply to cases of...

  1. Personal Injury/Liability
  2. Auto Accidents
  3. Slip and Fall Accidents
  4. Workers' Compensation
  5. Wrongful Death

In the absence of injury, The Employability Expert is frequently called upon to identify career path potential,
and quantify earnings potential in cases of

  1. Matrimonial/Divorce Cases
  2. Employment/Wrongful Termination

A Vocational Profile is developed based upon an in-depth interview, review of medical and vocational records, testing (when applicable), and a transferable skills analysis based upon the person's residual functional limitations. Conclusions and opinions of employability and determination of wage loss or earnings capacity are concisely stated and supported.

In cases of traumatic injury or wrongful death of a child, a vocational report is necessary to reveal what vocational options may have been reasonably available and to ascertain the lifetime earnings they could have attained. This profile is based upon the educational/vocational background of the family and a review of pertinent medical and school records, when available.

Following the events of these life experiences, attorneys have repeatedly turned to the Vocational Experts because they know they will receive a Personalized and Quality Evaluation Report which contains facts and data to support the Expert Opinions.

All of the Vocational Experts at AFG and Life Care Associates have been Court Qualified. Report examples available upon request.