Case Verdicts


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Settlement: $5,025,000.00
Date of Settlement: November 27, 2006
Case: Plaintiff 60 year old disabled retiree
Case Facts: Plaintiff was at a service station about to place gas in his motorcycle
When trucker operating his vehicle at an unsafe rate of speed on adjacent road struck vehicle in front of him in the rear.  The truck, then riding up on the vehicle’s trunk and losing steering control, skidded off the road into the service station striking plaintiff’s motorcycle, pumps and plaintiff throwing him 15 feet and almost amputating plaintiff’s leg.  Emergency personnel quickly on the scene managed to save his life and plaintiff was helicoptered to trauma cener.

Injuries/Damages: Plaintiff sustained severe injuries to his left leg including fracture of femur, lower epiphysis, and closed fracture of upper end fibula eventually requiring above knee amputation as well as numerous skin grafts, harvesting of vein graphs from right arm and upper arm, and gross disfigurement.  Plaintiff confined to wheelchair.
Outcome: Case was settled after opening statement. 
Venue: Supreme Court Ulster County, NY
Expert: Donna Flannery, Life Care Planning