Case Verdicts


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Settlement: $1,500,000.00/Plaintiff
Date of Settlement: July 14, 2008
Case: Plaintiff 86 year old widow
Case Facts: Plaintiff was crossing city street in crosswalk when struck by 17 year old driver.  Plaintiff says impact caused her to fall to ground.  Defendant thought plaintiff was going to stop walking. 
Injuries/Damages: Tibial fracture, pelvic fracture, humeral head and neck fracture, infection of fracture sites resulting in two skin grafts, open reduction, internal fixation tibia and fibula with multiple infections at fracture site, permanent antalgic gait.


Outcome: This settlement was driven by fact that plaintiff was previously active elderly person.  Undergone extensive hospitalization. 
Venue: Supreme Court Ulster County, NY
Expert: Donna Flannery, Life Care Planning