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Employability Evaluations

The Employability Experts assess vocational employability and capacity to earn in the labor market in cases following physical/emotional injury, illness, or trauma. + more

Vocational Case Management

When an individual has sustained a devastating injury that prevents him/her from returning to gainful employment, it becomes necessary to explore other options + more

Medical Case Management

AFG, Inc. offers a wide range of Medical Case Management Services. AFG's RN's are certified and experienced in case assessments and the coordination of individualized services for funding sources + more

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Life Care Plans

A Life Care Plan is a dynamic document based on published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis and research, which provides an organized, concise plan for current and + more

Lifetime Cost Projections

Records review, physician consult(s), and cost projection as it Relates to specific treatment/ procedure as opposed to a Catastrophic Life Care Plan. + more

Valuation of Caregiver Services

Identifies economic value of the loss of a caregiver in WD cases. Special expertise of Life Care Planner & Geriatric Specialist for establishing the services and dollar value of an Adult Child as a Caregiver. + more

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